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The fantastic and user-friendly app “Bitcoin Miner Robot – Free Bitcoin Miner Android” makes it simple to obtain Bitcoin on your smartphone.

With the help of the Bitcoin Miner Robot app, you can use your smartphone to generate bitcoin while it is idle.

Currently, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the fastest growth and highest profitability. Therefore, the sooner you begin mining for free bitcoins, the more money you will make as it is increasing daily.

Android devices supporting 16 api and higher can download and install the Everyone-rated Bitcoin Miner Robot – Free Bitcoin Miner apk.

Bitcoin Miner Robot | What is the most profitable Bitcoin miner Robot?
Bitcoin miner Robot

Bitcoin Miner Robot Introduction

Miner Robot allows you to make 500 Satoshi every 10 minutes.
Open the app, interact with it, and then receive your free Bitcoin!
The fastest bitcoin mining speed, good application performance, the richly rewarded bitcoin mode, and ease-of-use all go hand in hand. whenever, anywhere.

Nota: This application substitutes Satoshi, the smallest Bitcoin unit, for Bitcoins.

Open network sockets and network information are accessible thanks to apk permissions, which also hinder processor sleep and screen dimming.
Every Version
Available apk versions include 1.4.0 and 1.3.0.

1.4.0 June 6, 2021 
1.3.0 May 19, 2022


Using their expertise and extensive testing, our team produced a bitcoin miner robot or bot. It comes with a little server that is instantly installed and running round-the-clock at your home, as well as your own pool account and bitcoin account.

This is THE SECRET OF MINING BITCOIN QUICKLY AND SAFELY because the miner robot is designed with low-risk logic and has a high rate of profit per day.

The moniker “the most profitable miner” is well-deserved for this bitcoin mining robot.

Applications like these are comparable to those employed by high yield bitcoin investment websites that are commonly utilised or cloud mining websites that do not really have ASIC mining equipment. Typically, the presenters share 20 to 30 percent of their profits with their subscribers. They run Bitcoin trading bots, which are unquestionably riskier than bot miners.

How Does the Bitcoin Miner Robot Make Money?

Bitcoin mining has become extremely popular. In fact, you can earn a little money with Bitcoin miner robot software if your PC is powerful enough. You can mine bitcoins automatically using software like Bitcoin miner robot by connecting to your computer’s CPU or GPU resources. It will then immediately send any bitcoins into your account when you’re ready to withdraw them! Anyone can start earning money as soon as they download the bitcoin miner software onto their computer because it is rather simple to operate for novice users. However, it does need a certain area on your computer’s hard drive, so make sure to clear off any superfluous files first! Of course, there are further methods.

Is a robot bitcoin miner preferable?

Let’s look at what bitcoin mining is first before discussing how well Bitcoin Miner Robot operates. Every computer has a private key, which is a special secret code that only that particular computer can decipher. Thus, when you run Bitcoin Mine Robot, you are running software that makes use of your CPU or GPU to mine bitcoins by solving mathematical puzzles. The blockchain, a distributed network of computers/nodes, is then used to send this. Your transaction is received by Blockchain and added to an unchangeable record.

Is a robot bitcoin miner preferable?

Sign up for a mining pool.

Utilizing a mining pool is the most productive method of mining bitcoin. A mining pool is an organisation of bitcoin miners who collaborate and split the revenue from transaction fees. The Bitcoin miner robot links you to a network of various mining pools so you can receive consistent earnings, however they aren’t as high as they would be if you were mining alone. Installing takes two to three minutes; if your computer is slow, it may take longer. Follow the simple instructions on the program’s website to create an account, and don’t forget your username and password! The complete procedure will last between five and ten minutes.

Automated Bitcoin Mining

It can be claimed that this miner bot is uncommon since it is only used by private miners, who typically do not want the formula in the bot to be widely shared and held by many people. However, this time, you may download the application and use it at home.

Starting today, there is no need to bother assembling very expensive VGA card hardware with low and diminishing income levels, or importing ASIC miners with high electrical power and loud sound levels. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll set up the server and install it in your house.

Need to know:

Recommendation for a minimum balance of 0.6 BTC to receive returns above 25 percent each month and continue to multiply according to the available balance – There is no scam in this system because all passwords and passphrases are on your side.
Total money is therefore equal to purchasing 8 to 10 Antminer S9 without having to deal with import issues, hassle with taxes, noise, loss of electricity, or worry about declining profit margins. This is calculated as Bot server price + 0.6 BTC balance.

  • An average standard daily profit of 0.011 BTC has been achieved through optimization.

Principles that will always apply include: – No warranty – High Yield equals High Risk

not like the Innosilicon or Bitmain Antminer or ASIC miner where the device uses a lot of electricity and the mining results are growing worse and worse

Automated Bitcoin robot for android


The server is located in your home and is connected to your local network at home, which is private.

  • Login with your Google account
  • Making withdrawals or balance transfers using Google’s two-factor authentication system.
  • Enter a secure PIN and password using SSL-equivalent encryption; – Your Bitcoin wallet password is not contained in the script.

The root server password is still in our team’s possession to protect script patent rights; – License is only utilised for 1 person and cannot be duplicated or traded;

  • Free, guaranteed updates for up to three years
    The risk of loss remains with the investor (whenever there is a chance of loss, the probability of loss is far lower than trading BTC on an exchange, purchasing an ASIC miner, or assembling a VGA costing hundreds of dollars on a low quality mainboard).


Server specifications include: – ASUS high end series motherboards – Intel XEON intel E3-1225V5 processor – Memory 16 GB DDR3 ECC Registered
two Seagate Enterprise 1TB 3.5-inch hard drives for the server (Mirror – RAID)

  • 500 Watt 80+ PSU
  • Advanced server requirements that are anti-slow to reduce the possibility of bot performance decrease brought on by hardware failures
  • Media control: a web-based interface that can be accessible in your local environment – Operating System Ubuntu 16 Server 64bit – Includes Private Wallet Bitcoin Core – Encrypted – Passphrase in Your Hand – Requires a Minimum Internet Network Telkom Bundle 5 mbps

Final Thoughts.

You can see that using Robit to invest in bitcoin is a definite method to profit. You may start earning money by mining bitcoins in a matter of minutes with nothing more than your personal computer and a little setting. You’ll learn exactly how much money you invested; there are no tricks or catches. Why not give it a try considering that signing up with them is completely free? I urge you to give them a try! Additionally, they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their service. However, after using Bitcoin Miner Robot, I believe that this is one guarantee that will never be invoked. Gratitude for reading!

GET IN TOUCH WITH US to learn more about this product (free delivery and installation for Jabodetabek area)

Our team is also open to developing Exchanger platforms like Indodax, Yobit, and others.

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