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Caduceus Airdrop is making good progress on their roadmap as “the world’s first blockchain dedicated to metaverse development.” LightCycle will be the first 3D metaverse platform to join their growing ecosystem, according to an announcement made last week by the innovative metaverse protocol.

The CMP cryptocurrency from Caduceus is now available on exchanges like Bybit and Bitget, enabling user interaction across applications. In addition to their full range of other specialties and development environments spanning 3D technology, extended reality (XR), distributed storage, and even their own consensus mechanism called Metagraph, the 12-person team’s mission is to bring the power of decentralised edge rendering to market as soon as possible.

The digital company Caduceus, which shares its name with the well-known medical emblem of two serpents ascending a staff, was founded in response to the present problems facing blockchain enterprises, specifically the requirement for mining. By addressing this problem, gas prices should be kept low.

CoinMarketCap with Caduceus Airdrop 62,500 CMP
Caduceus Airdrop

Caduceus Airdrop

Caduceus is the first decentralised edge rendering metaverse protocol, committed to supplying the infrastructure layer of metaverse growth. features including an EVM compatible metaverse sandbox editor and XR extended reality technology. It offers a simple to use ecosystem for Metaverse producers and developers.

Caduceus has assembled a spectrum of experience to manage this big project. Caduceus was founded and developed by a group of multinational investors and blockchain professionals.

According to their technical white papers, “We introduce an improved approach that addresses a number of problems, does away with the need for mining, maintains all the advantages of blockchain technology, and also makes the development and usage of blockchain easier, more practical, and more efficient.” “The Caduceus Metaverse Protocol is centred around that.”

Campaign for the Caduceus Airdrop: 62,500 CMP

To win your CMP, please adhere to the steps below!!!

Visit and look for Caduceus.
Add CMP to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap:
At, follow the Caduceus Gravity Account. Follow CoinMarketCap Gravity Account CMP is the website where you can follow Caduceus.
Tweet about the Airdrop occasion. The tweet to be retweeted is as follows: CMP/status/1536302526282211329
Become a member of the Caduceus Telegram group at
Discord invite link for Caduceus group is
Enter your Caduceus address in the airdrop form at

How to create a Caduceus wallet

How to create a Caduceus wallet

BitKeep, Onto Wallet, and CoinHub Wallet are supported wallets.

Caduceus Network on MetaMask: How to Add It

CMP is the name of the network, and the RPC URL is
Block browser URL: – Chain ID:256256 – Symbol (optional): CMP
Period: June 13–July 1

Winners are declared

Within 14 days of the event’s conclusion, winners will be announced on our social media outlets, TBA.
In our Discord/Telegram group, feel free to ask the admin any questions you may have about the airdrop campaign.

Campaign for the Caduceus Airdrop: 62,500 CMP

Next, CMP and more

Today sees the official debut of Caduceus’ CMP token on significant Web3 exchanges, which is a positive sign for market confidence in the company’s future. The well-known HAPEBEAST 3D NFT fashion label, which has embraced CMP as its own community governance token, has partnered with them to help drive home the message, according to Cryptonomist, but they’ve also created a strong partnership with them to do so. According to Caduceus’ own website, the supply should total 1 billion tokens.

On July 23, Caduceus said that this Thursday, July 28, they will airdrop 500CMP to the partners, giving them a head start in celebrating the debut of CMP. They gave away a total of 62,500CMP to 12,500 lucky winners last month, who each received a maximum of 5 tokens. Having fun!


Watch to see how CMP’s market cap performs throughout this crucial first week. But we already know that Caduceus has a lot of things going on. Their schedule anticipates Q2 2023. By that time, they also want to have achieved significant milestones including the introduction of the XR SDK, a new version of their blockchain mainnet, a creators’ platform, and even the XR glass software.

They’re moving forward with an open-sourced mentality that invites any interested parties to travel with them. Now might be a good time to learn about Caduceus if you haven’t already before your next crypto chat.

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