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Today, I’m going to demonstrate CPU Mining VKAX coin. Yes, you read it correctly. You can see the spelling right there: VKAX. I’m not sure if it’s pronounced differently, but I’ll demonstrate how to mine it on your CPU.

Wild rig multi does work on this for your gpus, but cpus is a more effective way to do it all right so I’m going to be showing you guys how to mine this in Windows 10 as well as HIVE OS. Now, you can also mine this on your gpus. The mic algorithm that it utilizes is a modified version of the ghostwriter algorithm that you do see on raptorium, bittorium, and other coins like that.

VKAX coin

Before I Do, however, I Want To Sort Of Clear Up What Is VKAX coin In The First Place There Is A little Bit Of Confusion It Is A Version Of Ghost Rider Which Raptorium Runs On But There Are No Smart Notes Because This Is Not Forked From Raptorium Or Anything Else This Is Actually Forked From The Dashcoin Utilized In The Discord If You Want To Join The Discord And Join The Conversation learn About New Coins And Everything

As a result, it uses masternodes rather than smart nodes. However, let’s read a little bit of what they have to say about VKAX. VKAX is an experimental project that was developed in response to the need for simple, user-friendly, asic-free mining algorithms. It uses an algorithm called mic, a variant of the ghostwriter algorithm.

CPU Mining VKAX | Most Profitable CPU Mining Coin
VKAX coin

VKAX Mining

it’s a digital experimental currency that enables instant private payments to anyone at any time of the day with no limitations VKAX employs peer-to-peer technology to operate without a single entity controlling transactions and issuing money; instead, the network as a whole handles these tasks. The open source program that facilitates the use of this currency is known as VKAX core. The blockchain of vkax, a complete fork of Dashcoin, is secured using masternodes and other technologies.

So in the white paper you can kind of see the reward distribution here mine vkax gives out the sum of 10 000 vkax coin, out of which 2250 go to the masternodes, 6750 go to the miners, and 10 go for proposal and budget payments which is 1 000 vkax coin. It then has pretty much like a halving type of schedule here where it’s falling back 500 vkax coin every x amount of blocks and also the master nodes will reward.

Yes, this is a masternode, not a smart node, and it’s another potential new coin that could be a gamble but it may be profitable at the same time, but anyway let’s find out how to mine this thing first thing you’re going to want to need with any crypto coin is a wallet to be able to hold your mind crypto, so at that point it looks like it’s probably going to remain stable where it is.

VKAX Wallet

You don’t have to do what I do, but you can see all my wallets here. I went to wallet test for my CPU Mining VKAX, got my VKAX here, created the folder, and now I’ve also created a data folder. I’d advise you to download this zip file, which is version and i’m still using the 0.17.0 download. Then extract it, and move on to the next step.

I prefer to manually place it inside where I install my actual wallet but in its own folder because this will act as your backup when you install this, it will ask you where to put it by default and stores it somewhere in the back of your default Windows operating system, which is typically your c drive unless you choose something else. In theory, all you require is this wallet. You can have a backup of raptorium, bittorium, you know, VKAX, all these fundamental base type of wallets, by copying the entire complete data file over and putting it into a USB drive and naming it in its own folder.

This is the backup you’ll need if you want to restore it, so once more I like to create my own folder and install the wallet in the same type of location here as I said vkax data is here. I created that folder, installed it, and instructed the data to go there during the installation, and then I got my wallet right here nice and close copy everything over you do have your backup for future upgrades or if something does happen to your computer or Windows, or whatever now that you have your backup, you can restore it will be fairly fast because the blockchain is pretty small.


Forest EPU 1-C Miner Profit Calculations

Data Period: Day Month Year

Income: $144.89, $4,320.56, $51,841.73

Electricity: -$16.48, -$480.40, -$5,760.80

Profit:  $128.41, $3,840.16, $46,080.93

It’s fairly new here, so you can just hit the hide button here that will pop up. Then, you’ll want to click on receive, make any label for this that you want—I’ll put “cpu miner video”—and then just hit request payment to bring up my wallet. Now you can see that this is my wallet, which I have here. I’ll enlarge it a little because I can’t really see it well. CPU Mining VKAX minerva video copy address is my address, but don’t remove your wallet or you won’t get paid anymore.

The next step, which is actually setting up our pool, is what I actually lied to you about. We need to find a pool first. Now, personally, I used our plant when I mined this for 24 hours just to test out how many coins stuff I was getting, but they are sitting at 96.9%. If you make a new one it’s going to be a different address, keep that in mind as well.

and I know a lot of you zerg pool users love to get your bitcoin payouts now mining for people they were trying to distribute more house rate they actually have this is not an error minus 10 of a fee which means they were granting people an additional 10 of a revenue on top of your mind coins to be using their pool to try and get people off of our plant now it sounds like no one is listening and they’re going to be counseling their pool.

We’re going to be using our plant right now because it sounds like they’re shutting down because there isn’t any hash rate coming across at this point. When I mined this for 24 hours, you can see my pay amount right here is 366. Originally, I was going to make this how to mine using this pool.

remember, I have like 23 rakes here and when I first mined this, I was sitting at about 600 kilohash or something so the hash rate has increased over the last two days or so, indicating that more people are starting to mine this coin obviously that means the difficulty goes up and then your profitability and I guess yields does start to drop so I don’t know how much i’d be making now but i’d probably still be fairly close the hash rate.

VKAX Mining Calculator

VKAX Mining Calculator

Your hashrate
Daily est. coins
5254.45 VKAX
Daily est. earnings
0.87 USD
Provided by minerstat®

We have everything figured out here, so now we just need to find the miner. You must use cpu miner opt r plant because it is the only miner that I am aware of so far that supports the mic algorithm, with the exception of your gpus for wild rig multi because we’re looking at cpus here, so you’ll need this link once more.

For whatever operating system you’re using, download the miner from the description and proceed to the next step. Once you’ve extracted your miner, you’ll want to right-click on this and edit. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. You can see that it has a cpu miner dash dot right horizon.exe. This is what I use on my Ryzen processors.

Currently, you may see several variants of avx, avx2, and avx 512 if you scroll up to the top of your miner. With the Delgon miner and everything that happened before the XM rig arrived, that’s kind of what we saw in the early days of Raptorium. However, you will need to select the appropriate exe for the CPU you are using at this time. For a Ryzen 3000 5000 series, I just use the Ryzen, and it seems to work just fine for me.

Open this back up, but I can give you a straight-forward idea: for the rise in here we’re going to scroll up, we can see ryzen so it has to say cpu miner dash ryzen.exe exactly what this file name is, and at the end you’re going to need the exe whichever one you pick. By default let’s just have a look here at it you can see that it’s saying sse2.

Once you’ve Googled whatever CPU Mining VKAX you’re using and determined what time art what type of architecture it’s on, then you can simply right-click on the miners you’re using go to compatibility click run this program as administrator and then apply that way whenever you run your bat file to mine, for example, if I wanted to use cp minor dash avx, I would simply just change this ryzen over to avx.

VKAX Difficulty vs Price | VKAX Hashrates

CPU Mining VKAX Difficulty vs Price

We can skip all of this if you want to add a password so that you can change things, and you can see the web password comma if you do. Next, we need to set up the pool we want to use here by simply executing our plan. To do this, we’ll choose our miner cpu, our planet also has the wild rig multi here for you, and you can choose your nearest stratum (for example, since I’m in Canada, America is the closest to me).

So now we need our stratum, which is already set up here. We’re going to right-click copy it and paste it into our miner, which is already set up. Make sure to remove everything you don’t need first. I’m just going to delete it so you can see bam, and then I’ll just paste it back in that I copied from down here. Enter your wallet address, which you get from here.

double-click it once more You’ll need this command in order to change your worker name and daily payout levels on our plant. Copy the address, close it, and then you’re going to minus that. After that, you’ll change your address to someone else.

So let’s copy that and paste it here. When you have everything set up, simply save it and then double-click on your bat file. When prompted to run as administrator, choose yes because we right-clicked that and instructed us to do it every single time, and now it will start mining VKAX to our plant in Windows 10. If you don’t put a space in there and just enter a password, it won’t work the same way in hype os.

Okay, so now that we’ve finished with Windows, let’s move onto hive os and show you how to set this up. It’s quite straightforward to get up and running pretty much like any other cryptocurrency will take a couple minutes here as you can see to start doing its thing, but it will start mining this coin. We don’t need to run any kind of custom miners here because Hiveos has improved its CPU Mining VKAX, which makes things much easier.

VKAX Hashrates

From 0 to 1.5MUse up and down arrows to move selectionTo 1.5MUse up and down arrows to move upper selectionFrom 0Use up and down arrows to move lower selectionUse TAB select grip buttons or up and down arrows to change selectionRaw DataChartUse left and right arrows to move selectionFrom Jul 14 to Jul 21Use left and right arrows to move left selectionFrom Jul 14Use left and right arrows to move right selectionTo Jul 21Use TAB to select grip buttons or left and right arrows to change selectionKnown PoolsNetwork Hashrate100%Chart created using amCharts library

We’re going to go to wallets because we don’t have a wallet inside of here yet. We’re going to add wallet type coin in the ticker because we don’t have it, so we’re just going to go to VKAX coin like. It will then ask you to create a coin because you don’t already have this coin. I do, but it isn’t automatically added. You will then just add in here your that’s the password from the other one.

So, VKAX file Name It Whatever You Want Mine’s All Set Up So I’m Not Going To Use Any Of This But Then You Just Simply Hit The Create Button And You Now Have Your Wallet Within Hive os So Next We’re Going To Go Into Our Workers Here We’re Going To Scroll On Down To Rig One We’re Going To Set Up A Flight Sheet That’s Not Set Up Yet Because I Messed Up Okay Now We’re Going To Go To Flight Sheets.

VKAX Coin Price

Then we need to configure the pool in the miner because there isn’t a pool set up within Hive West and there aren’t many pools for this coin, which we’ve already seen. So that’s for max people, and we’re going to edit this one right here. Here we are coin, we come in here, we need to pick VKAX coin, we hit v, and it should already be lined up.

So let’s set up the miner configuration. First, we’ll have to choose our minor, which will initially be blank. Then, we’ll hit CPU and CP worked cpu miner opt and click on it. Next, we’ll want to scroll down and choose our plant fork because it will just look like this. As a result, we need our plant here. Then, similarly to what we did with the other miner configuration, we’ll have to copy in our actual pool stratum,

So let’s pretend we’re all over the place and nothing is happening here. Get rid of that now. Next, we’re going to pick Mike. To do this, we’ll need the mic algorithm, which we can find by typing in mi mic. Next, we’ll need our pool url. To find this, just go to our plant and enter wallet dot worker name. This will pull everything that you have preset within the hive os.

How To Mine VKAX With GPU

How To Mine VKAX With GPU

Here we need to run everything again so that Windows, CPU Mining VKAX with GPU, and whatever else, and then I suppose we’ll need some strange password again, so now we take this whole complete thing here copy that over move that into the pool url paste put that we need our password go back into our plant we’re going to take this whole complete thing remember we need web password equals plus the password just your password won’t work.

Now that you have pasted that in, you can see the entire thing is there, and override is where you can set threads and other things if you want. However, if you leave this blank, you will be fine and use full threads, which is all I do when I’m running this. We’re going to apply our changes now update our miner, and everything will be fine. However, because I have so many rigs here, this is how I simply do it: I hit all, turn

VKAX Price

So I’m going to go to VKAX, scroll down to cpu this one, and I’m going to hit apply, and now it’s going to engage all of these cpus simultaneously and start mining this coin okay so as you can see here anywhere from a few seconds of seven upwards to 50 I guess that one disappeared but you can see the times here 59 seconds one minute everything is up in hashing now a thing to remember the ghostwriter algorithm.

One stick around performs equally well as two sticks around, uses slightly less power, and considerably improves efficiency. The more rigs you have, the more electricity you will save by not overclocking your ram (which requires turning off the XMP profile and running it at standard speeds).


So there are a couple of pro tips there with these ghost rider algorithms for CPU Mining VKAX, and on top of that, as I mentioned to Mike, it has been modified. According to their discord, it either contains four to six ghost rider algorithms or they have removed four to six of them, so there could be four to six or there could be something between fourteen and sixteen.

In light of the fact that the algorithm does switch quite a few times within it, and if we go back to our plan, your hash rate is going to be fluctuating quite a bit on this coin just like we see with Raptorium and other asic resistant type of coins, your power consumption will also be changing every couple blocks all the time. let’s just refresh a little bit to see if something changed already.

This is we’re all up and mining, ready to roll, and mining ourselves some VKAX so if you’re interested or never even heard about this coin and plot on trying it out, let me know in the comments and i’ll see you on the next one, rabbit out. Thank you for reading this blog post and if you haven’t seen one of these, be sure to check it out. so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss any of the blogs we release. As always, have a great day.

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