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The finest SEO researching tool, Keywords Everywhere not working Why? Niches such as SEO Backlink Analysis or SEO tools to track backlinks Are currently using Keywords Everywhere as an SEO tool to do keyword research for your SEO tactics and optimize your websites?

If so, why are you suddenly required to pay? You need not worry, though, as I discuss some of my SEO hacks and suggestions in this blog post, as well as how to continue using Keywords Everywhere as an SEO tool, Click Here.


Keywords Everywhere is a popular freemium browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge that assists users with keyword research. The extension provides various keyword metrics such as monthly search volume, CPC, competition, 12-month trend data, and link metrics.

One of the main features of the tool is its ability to display search volume data for any search performed on Google, making it easy for users to quickly access important information. The tool also has built-in tools to help users find keywords from their seed keyword and to show them the keywords that any page or domain ranks for in the SERPs.

In addition, Keywords Everywhere also offers a trend chart feature that shows the trend for a search from 2004. This feature can be useful in identifying seasonal trends in search volume for particular keywords.

Users can also integrate the tool with Google Search Console to get additional data on their site’s performance in Google search. Moreover, Keywords Everywhere offers a YouTube page that provides guides on how to use the tool.

Overall, Keywords Everywhere is a valuable tool for SEO professionals and website owners who want to improve their search engine rankings by identifying and targeting high-value keywords with low competition.

Keywords Everywhere Not Working
Keywords Everywhere Not Working

Keywords Everywhere Not Working

The Keywords Everywhere addon has all of a sudden stopped functioning. It has complete access to the site now after I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It appears in my extensions box, and the Chrome Extensions Manager confirms that it is enabled and running, however, the webpages simply won’t load with it.

in this Blog, I’m going to explain why the Chrome addon keywords everywhere aren’t currently working for you. Okay, guys. I’m on Google, and I’m going to search for the phrase “keyword everywhere not working okay,” so let’s do that. As you can see, it would display the cost per click, the volume, and the level of competition right here, literally on every line.

I click on it, but nothing happens. I was so frustrated that I shut down Chrome and went to the Chrome extension settings to see if I could see anything, but there was nothing there. So, what did I do? I finally figured out why the keywords weren’t working. It’s funny that it took me so long to figure that out, but as of October 1, there are keywords everywhere.

How does keyword everywhere work?
How does keyword everywhere work?

How does keyword everywhere work?

As you can see, the keyword is used everywhere. If you visit their website, you can find out how much it costs. The major question is whether it still functions the same way after you pay for it. I’m not sure of the answer just yet, but I will share the variations with you guys right now.

So let’s get started. On Keywords Everywhere, you can get 100,000 credits for $10. If you purchase more, you won’t receive a discount; it’s just the way things are. The major question is, how many credits are required for one search? I conducted a little more research to find out.

I don’t know what that means for every average user now if you are constantly using the keyword research you are an affiliate marketer overall just a business owner trying to rank for you can find it right here on their frequently asked questions it says that on average it costs about two dollars per month all right guys so if the average user is only using twenty thousand credits per month then that is only two dollars a month for the service so very affordable now.

Can I use keywords everywhere for free?

Guys, for ten dollars you can get by on average you can get five months of searching so really that’s cheap in my opinion but the big question is does the Chrome extension tool work the same way that it used to so once again we’re using the keywords everywhere a chrome tool I’ve got it installed right here will it pull up the CPC and the volume? If you’re using keywords everywhere a lot then maybe you’re going to pay more, I’m not sure.

I just entered up my credit card information and it does charge you tax and here we go paying for ten dollars worth of data it says you’ve been charged okay so it’s processing. Okay, you guys I just entered up my credit card information and it does charge you tax and here we go paying for ten dollars worth of data it says you’ve been charged okay so it’s processing.

Now that you have 100,000 credits, let’s check to see whether it still functions in the same manner. Hey, it still functions in the same manner, and that is wonderful. I wasn’t quite sure whether that would work, but sure enough, everything appears here with keywords everywhere. TBC provides you with the volume, CPC, and competition so, people, it functions exactly as it did previously. I’m not sure how much that merely used to work, so let’s see if this will tell me, so let’s go to reload. I had 100,000 credits before.

Keywords Everywhere Download
Keywords Everywhere Download

Keywords Everywhere Download

This right here looks like it took approximately forty-three and you used thirty-nine credits for it, so forty suggestions are probably what they count as one credit. Okay gentlemen, in conclusion, the crucial phrases are: I recommend paying the $10 to try it out until your one hundred thousand credits are used up to see if it is worth paying the money right now if you’re looking for a free alternative, I have two suggestions for you: number one, just go to the Google Keyword planner for free. If you’re looking for a paid alternative, I have two suggestions for you as well.

Although I believe a credit card is required to open a Google Ads account, another service that is also totally free that I recently learned about is ubersuggest. It is run by Neil Patel and is an awesome program that gives you the volume and CPC and also sort of gives you that competition view under the paid section.

Are keywords everywhere good?

Are keywords everywhere good?

Yes keywords everywhere are really good?. It provides a little more background on why it is currently a paid version, Get the paid version right here. to get organic SEO results, so this is also an awesome tool that breaks down the exact average monthly searches rather than Google just lumping it into like a sum between like a hundred up to a thousand or whatever

All right, everyone, thanks for reading. I hope you found it useful. If so, hit the keywords everywhere affiliate link to buy:
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