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The Pancakeswap debut has been enthusiastically announced by the Metaegg DeFi team. It is a deflationary token with an emphasis on node-centric revenue accretion through DeFi & GameFi that pays the token’s holder.
✅ It’s time to reveal the #Pancakeswap launch time. We’ve chosen to launch on August 3, 2022, at 14:00 CST.


You can purchase tokens from the #Pinksale simultaneously. We shall spread our marketing wings in the interim to maintain the upward price trend.

Metaegg Defi

Metaegg DeFi Next big thing Launching on PancakeSwap, BSC.
Metaegg Defi

The only DEX aggregator that enables users to check trends, trade effectively, and do so conveniently all on one platform is Metaegg DeFi.
Traders will be able to view trending tokens on our new Discover page thanks to a new Metaegg DeFi feature. Users of Metaegg can choose to view tokens that are Trending and those that are Trending Soon by switching between two tabs.
Tokens featured under the Trending category, as the name suggests, are based on recent trends obtained from leading data aggregators CoinGecko and Coinmarket.
Our trend recognition algorithm uses trade volume, price, market cap, and other on-chain data to identify the tokens that are shown under the heading “Trending Soon.” These tokens might not be trendy right now, but they very well might be in the near future.


The environment that Metaegg DeFi is creating will allow the use of any token everywhere. Our main Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator,, gives DeFi traders the best pricing and maximises revenues for liquidity suppliers.
A total of 12 chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Velas, and Aurora, currently support Metaegg DeFi.

The ecosystem of is powered by the $MEGG token.

Find out how to use MEGG by earning it via farms and game pools, winning it in the lottery, or purchasing it from the exchange.

To receive free tokens, stake it in game pools.
Utilize it to gain extra MEGG in Yield Farms.
Purchase lottery tickets from (coming soon)
Take part in the IFO Token Sales (coming soon)
Set up your Metaegg profile and start minting NFTs (coming soon)
Vote on initiatives involving the Metaegg ecosystem.
However, MEGG has much more in store for the future!

A fungible, inflationary cryptocurrency is $MEGG. The DeFi metaverse’s economy is made possible by it. In our efforts to make the Meaegg multi-chain, it will also serve as a bridge between the Binance Network and the other blockchains.

When exchanging for LANDE/PLACE, ESTATE, or NFTs, $MEGG is burned, or spent. For Metaegg NFT and MEGG-Tokens, there are a variety of utilities. For further details, please see NFT & Tokens Utility.

Earning Strategies

NFT basic requirement

Only NPC NFT owners are eligible to take part in MEGG earnings.

Burning Mechanics for $MEGG (Destroying)

0.075% of each transaction on Metaegg Finance
20% of MEGG was spent on lottery tickets.
MEGG is entirely used for creating profiles and minting NFTs.
All of MEGG participated in farm auctions.
100% MEGG to Purchase Real Estate
100% of MEGG performance fees for different platform services
How supply of $MEGG is decreased

Through the incorporation of deflationary mechanisms into its products, Metaegg strives to increase deflation relative to emission. The intention is for more MEGG to be removed from the system than is produced.

hindering emissions reduction

We slow inflation by lowering the amount of $MEGG generated per block.

Find out how to use MEGG by earning it via farms and game pools, winning it in the lottery, or purchasing it from the exchange.

Deflationary strategies

Many of Metaegg’s products already include regular token burns (such as a 20% burn of MEGG used for lottery tickets), and more are on the way.

The goal of the new project Metaegg DeFi, which has a promising trajectory, is to upend the cryptocurrency industry. Users will initially be able to access the $MEGG token on the Binance Smart Chain.


The price should not be the focus of any project but if the rest of the fundamental values, such as choosing potential projects to invest in and proactively listening to the community, are managed in a successful way, the price should also reflect it in a positive aspect. The main objective of the project is acquisition of income-generating assets through nodes, hence, ensuring Tresor Finance’ sustainability.


Prior to launch, the Metaegg DeFi team conducted a contract audit after obtaining its KYC verification certificate from PinkSale.


In addition, Metaegg DeFi encourages long-term price stability and value growth; investment earnings will be utilised to repurchase and burn $MEGG & $FGG tokens, reducing the supply.

Metaegg Metaverse

Metaegg Metaverse

In a realistic replica of your reality on the blockchain, Metaegg is building a VR World, a community-driven platform where producers may monetise ASSETS (NFTs) and have real-life experiences.

Metaegg Driving Metaverse Evolution

Because of how quickly we are innovating in technology, the metaverse is expanding at an astonishing rate. We’ve been obliged to make significant investments in our digital lives to supplement and enhance the constrictive physical realities, in large part due to the epidemic.
The creation of numerous technological lynchpins will help make the metaverse more approachable for everyone as we move forward.

How is an Ethical Metaverse being Built by Metaegg?

Transparent pillars will serve as the cornerstone for a moral and environmentally sound metaverse. The idea of total transparency and decentralisation is already a big part of what makes the metaverse and the Web 3.0 philosophy beneath it so intriguing. Decentralized and distributed ledgers, which enable transaction verification and raises our feeling of overall confidence, will serve as the foundation of the Metaegg Metaverse.

Program for Metaegg Metaverse Token & NFT Airdrops & Giveaways

Program for Metaegg Metaverse Token & NFT Airdrops & Giveaways

Lucky giveaway entrants will receive $MEGG tokens and limited edition NFTs/NPCs worth a total of $10,000 from METAEGG. To get entries, register for the giveaway and perform easy tasks. Gain additional entries with every referral as well. A total of 500 people will be chosen at random to receive $10 in $MEGG each, and another 200 participants will receive $20 in $MEGG each. The top two referrers will each receive $500 in MEGG.
Participants in the NPC giveaway are required to abide by the guidelines outlined below. Each winner will receive one NPC, and if the calibre of the work is high, two NPCs (breeding pair) worth $5,000.

NFT & $MEGG Token Giveaway
Guide, Step-by-Step

  1. Go to the METAEGG contest page.
  2. Enter your information and register.
  3. Now finish quick social chores to collect points. (Requires a minimum of 7 entries)
  4. Gain more entries for every referral.
  5. A total of 200 people will be chosen at random to get $20 worth of $MEGG & NFTs worth $200 each, and a total of 500 people will be chosen at random to receive $10 worth of $MEGG & NFTs worth $100 each.
  6. The top two referrers will each receive $500 in $MEGG and $1,000 in NFTs.
  7. After $MEGG is listed, the incentives will be sent out.

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