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For those of you who don’t know, the NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB Mining card is the first ray tracing card in history. This particular card is more intended for workstations development, rendering, and graphic design, and it is a pretty powerful card. It is a blower style card, so you can see the fan here blowing air out the top, and I believe this video would actually be the first hash rate testing video ever.

Afterward, we’ll also examine the profitability. Without further ado, let’s take one of those RTX 4000 cards on the hanging rig and move it over here to the test bench. Then, we’ll jump into the laptop to see how things are going. Okay guys, we have jumped into the laptop. Before we start, I wanted to quickly look at the specifications and information on the NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB Mining card. As we get to the specs, you can see the RTX 4000

We’ll look at the maximum power consumption, and the tdp is 160 watts, which is really good on the wattage in terms of overall output there, uh yeah just a really sexy sleek looking card. However, this is not what you guys came here to look at, so let’s jump into Hive and take a look at how we started to mine Ethereum. As you can see here, we fiddled around with the clocks a little and got in a locked.

NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB Mining | RTX 4000 Hashrate
NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB Mining

NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB Mining

This is what we really settled on in terms of efficiency and the most mega hash output; we’ll take a look at it in the hive shell to see how it performs in real-time, but I have to say that initially, I’m really impressed here; it’s just a well-rounded card.

We can see a very stable 477 kilohash per watt 37 point 24 37.23 mega hash running at 79 watts in the software, which is really efficient in terms of that right. It’s just not absorbing that much power, which is fantastic. You can see the wall meter in the bottom right corner of the screen. We are pulling between 127 and 129 watts very steadily. I did notice a small jump over 130 watts there, but it also dropped to 126 watts, so it is still steady. I am pleased with this card, and so far, NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB Mining ethereum’s efficiency is what really takes the cake.

This card is not really a retail card, so unless you find an incredible deal, know someone who is liquidating these cards, or just have no use for these cards, the msrp is still at a thousand dollars. As a result, if we were to use it to mine Ethereum, the cost would be 2.30 cents.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Mining

Based on this hash rate, it would take 439 days to recoup your investment, so I don’t advise it. I mentioned that I wouldn’t disclose the price I paid for these cards, but I actually got them for 450 each, which is not bad. As a result, if you were to buy them for what I did, it would take you 198 days to recoup your investment in Ethereum, which isn’t too bad considering that these are fairly uncommon cards.

I’m going to make a quick adjustment here and convert us to Ravencoin to see how it performs in terms of hash rate and efficiency. I’ll be back with you in a moment. Okay, so we are back in hive OS and Ravencoin has been started. Let’s quickly look at the clocks. We have 200 on the court and 2200 on the mem power level set to default zero, letting the software in the card handle its own power limit at 125 watts. In the software, we see that we have 19.09 for mega hash to start here.

We’re pulling between 181 and 185 watts according to the wall meter, which indicates that the hardware at the wall looks to have a wattage restriction of between 180 and 186. Let’s look at the minor to see what we have here. I was expecting probably a little bit lower hash rate, so in my opinion, this has already surpassed my expectations in terms of hash rate and efficiency, so not bad at all. Yeah, 1907, 1908 in terms of uh hash rate, and um 66 degrees Celsius, 124 watts in the software, and 154 kilohash per watt in terms of efficiency.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Mining | Quadro RTX 4000 Hashrate

Quadro RTX 4000 Hashrate

Let’s take a look at what to mine and key in some ravencoin prospects here. For example, let’s put in 1909 and 180 watts at the wall. If I’m not mistaken, we get 1.49 on raven coin. It would be preferable to mine ethereum on these cards, but a dollar is still a dollar, and mining a dollar a day is profitable if you believe in the raven coin project.

Okay, last but not least, we are currently mining ergo. Let’s take a look at the clocks that we are using. We did minus 200 on the core, 2400 on the memory, 100 on the fan, and 110 on the power limit because we were unable to get this card to cooperate with the locked core clock, and just because wattage seemed to be a little bit erratic.

Hash rates range from 70 to 72, 50 to 72, and 23. Um, let’s try the locked core clock once more. If we look at the wall meter in the bottom right corner of the screen, we’re pulling between 162 and 166 watts, averaging probably around 164 watts at the wall, so this time, the wattage at the wall is a little bit higher. However, let’s try the same clock output as we did with Ethereum for testing purposes to lock in the core clock, and then let’s see.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Hashrate

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Hashrate

Wattage because that is the key if we can really dip down okay, so this looks promising get about 120 to 127 watts at the wall let’s see if we get a major dip in hash rate at this point because we’ve changed things up here but, uh, 7209 is the first hash rate that we have pulled and just waiting for the second one to register if it goes higher or lower then we’ll have a better idea and yeah. 

Boost the memory to 2300 and see if we can return to the 70 range or 72 that would be great if we can do that plus by staying at low wattage at the wall because we’re now dipping under 120 watts of 119 let’s see if we can creep back up into the 70s because I would be pretty happy with that if we were able to do 70 mega hash on ergo at 119 watts at the wall that wouldn’t be bad.  

This next hashrate, and hey look at that, so coming back up here so yeah we needed to stay we needed to lock that core clock in we needed to go up higher on the memory i’m assuming because of the jump and hash rate we’ll probably go a little bit higher than this if we can get back into the 72 73 I would be quite happy with that for ergo and uh yeah still holding steady at 119 at the wall yeah dipping back down to 69. 

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Let’s enter that, and the result is one dollar and twelve cents. So, yeah, we did pretty well there. We had two dollars and thirty cents on Ethereum, one dollar and fifty cents on Ravencoin, and one dollar and twelve cents on ergo. So, hey it’s a card and um, if it’s available and it’s cheap you know definitely use it.

I hope you enjoyed the test today. If you’d like to see more or different algorithms if you’d like to see me test something else please let me know in the comments below. If you liked what you saw hit that thumbs up and subscribe to keep us flowing. but yeah we wanted to test this out and I got some questions when I showcased my rig in the past to you know show you guys the performance and hash rates on these different algorithms.

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