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Founded in 2021, OwlDAO is a multi-chain DAO that aims to be the leading casino solution for Web 3.0. For Web 3.0, OwlDAO wants to transform the online gaming sector. With more than 3000 casino games, the DAO assists other projects in developing their own Defi gaming package. More than 20 linked casinos have already been opened by OwlDAO on different networks.

The #SafeMoon kind of governance token for OwlDAO is the $OWL token, which is accessible on Polygon and BSC Networks.

Owl.Games, OwlDAO’s exclusive casino, provides assistance for OwlDAO. The Owl.Games casino presently offers more than 3000 games and collaborates with more than 50 game providers. It offers a variety of games, such as slots, live casinos, sports betting, and PvP poker.

OwlDAO benefits Owl.Games by ongoing alliances and growth that help the community thrive and, as a result, raise the casino’s revenue. To develop the OwDlAO ecosystem, Owl.Games has promised a recurrent monthly gift of partial profits to the OWLDAO fund. These monies are employed to maintain the OwlDAO ecosystem, pay out token holders, and finance Owl Pools.

OwlDAO The Magnificent Airdrop Campaign | Winner Announcement

OwlDAO Airdrop Campaign – 2,500,000 OWL

Date: July 8th, 2022, to June 24, 2022

Please adhere to the guidelines below to win:

Add OwlDAO to your wishlist on CoinMarketCap by visiting https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/owldao/.

2 – Subscribe to OwlDAO’s Gravity channel at https://coinmarketcap.com/gravity/profile/OwlDAO.

Follow us on Twitter by going to https://twitter.com/OWLDAOio.

4 – Retweet the tweet OwlDAO pinned.

(8) Sign up for our Discord server at https://discord.com/invite/8MUcukEKnC.

Join our Telegram channel at https://t.me/owlDAO.

Follow us on Telegram at https://t.me/owlDAONews.

Winners are announced

Within 14 days after the airdrop’s conclusion, winners will be announced via our social media outlets. If you have any inquiries, please join one of our official channels.

OwlDAO Airdrop Campaign - 2,500,000 OWL

How Crypto Casinos Are Evolving For Web3 Era

What is more crucial today than being up to date with new technology as it develops? Everything should constantly be quicker and better. The time has come to catch up on all the latest evolution-related news as it is pounding on the door every second.

Additionally, investing, purchasing, using NFTs, beginning to trade, playing play-to-earn games, or enjoying crypto casinos have all become aspects of daily life.

Technology from Web3

Thus, today’s focus will be on Web3 and cryptocurrency casinos, one of the newest developments.

Concerns regarding the web’s excessive centralization in a few “Big Tech” companies have been addressed in part by Web3, according to some.

Why? Beyond what is now possible with Web 2.0 platforms, Web3 systems have the capacity to boost data security, scalability, and privacy.

However, what exactly is Web3?

Web3 is essentially a system that leverages blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to offer people ownership over their assets in the context of the blockchain world. According to Web3’s guiding philosophy, cryptocurrency is decentralised and not under the authority of a single entity.

owldao airdrop

The Advantages Of Web3

Utilizing Web3 is more advantageous for privacy. With a decentralised identity system, you may manage your online identity and personal data. With Web3, you have more control over who has access to and what information is available about you online. Additionally, you have a secure cryptographic method for confirming the veracity of the data.

Additionally, Web3 provides native payments, which spend and transmit money via the internet utilising cryptocurrencies rather than relying on the antiquated infrastructure of banks and payment processors. Web3 operates through incentives and economic systems rather than relying on reliable third parties.

Web3 envisions a decentralised internet without any tech goliaths in the future. New social platforms, search engines, and markets could emerge that are governed and controlled by the people as opposed to businesses. End users would regain authority and control over their data.

Blockchain and Web3

Web3, a new version of the internet that uses blockchain technology to power decentralised apps, is an advocate for user privacy and data control.

However, the phrase “Web3” has come to refer to the idea of an updated and better internet. At its core, Web3 uses blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to give individuals back control over their property.

Casinos Use Crypto: Why?

Players fund their games using cryptocurrency at the casino of their choice. Since digital currencies give users complete control, anonymity, and other advantages, many gamblers consider them to be among the safest gambling options.

The software that powers cryptocurrency casinos can function with little to no human intervention. This is a fair and open technique to get extra money because these platforms are programmed to offer results at random.

At the moment, crypto casinos are still a relatively unregulated new type of gaming. The fact that the games are decentralised means that neither the house nor the odds are under its control. Random number generators are used by cryptocurrency casinos to generate the odds. Therefore, the service providers cannot defraud.

owl games

The benefits of participating in cryptocurrency casino games are as follows:

speedier payouts, only-available games, privacy, and promotions
utilising a world currency
the broad selection of coins that are available for deposits
how many networks you may use to connect to play wallets that can communicate with casinos
Every cryptocurrency casino on the market offers something unique. The finest casinos offering Bitcoin slots, for instance, are Bitstarz and Wild Casino, respectively, while casinos like Owl Games also provide live dealer games. Owl Games makes an effort to adhere to Web3 standards by letting you play within your budget. Additionally, unlike other casinos where withdrawal times can range from 48 Minimum to 5 or more days, it allows quick withdrawals.


Almost every sector, including entertainment, has benefited from the development of the blockchain. Bitcoin casinos may be able to empower their audiences and players to take use of the benefits of their games and platforms thanks to the possibility of decentralised ledger technology.

What could be better than having fun while making money in private and with the least amount of effort? Although it seems impossible, it is currently achievable because to Web3 technologies and Crypto casinos.

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