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AVADO i7 is the easiest plug-and-play staking solution for Ethereum

Avado i7 Allows you to stake at home
in just a few clicks.
Easy setup and installation
for non tech-savvy people.

Stake ETH2 at home ✔

Stake Avalanche, Gnosis, … ✔

Extensible with custom packages ✔

Intel based

Entry level staking

  • CPU Intel i7-10710u
  • WiFi Access Point
  • Remote Connection
  • AvadOS pre-installed
  • Stake on multiple networks
  • fanless 100% silent

AVADO i7 ROI calculator

One-time Costs & investment
AVADO device $1600
= 0.50 ETH at average ETH price of last 12 months
Staking Capital 32 ETH
Yearly reward 1.70 ETH
Staking time (months)
Earning back your AVADO in 2.4 months (72 days)
Net revenue 1.2 ETH (after 12 months)
Prices and Yearly rewards are extrapolated from current values and might change in the future.

Running an Ethereum Validator on Avado.

You want to invest in Ethereum but you are concerned that you won’t be able to maintain it since it is too technical.
Avado provides a Plug-And-Play option with auto-updates so that your Validator is always running the most recent version. Staking ETH is now easier than ever!
Additionally, AVADO promotes client diversity: Run a minority client, such as Teku, with only one click and aid in network security. Order your Avado today to get going.

The AVADO experience

Anyone can simply run Web3 applications like staking, operating blockchain nodes, and personal banking with AVADO.

Through its WiFi hotspot or VPN, you can access.
You can use and administer the gadget from anywhere in the world thanks to the user-friendly UI.

It already has the AVADO OS loaded, which saves you a lot of time and research when putting up a node.

Utilizing an AVADO is simple, safe, and in line with the decentralization movement.

The AVADO DappStore


A variety of DApps are available in the integrated DappStore and can be installed on your AVADO.

You are always using the most recent version since automatic updates ensure the ongoing addition of new DApps.

Every product has a unique onboarding wizard that makes configuration simple.


CPU Speed

"AVADO i7-232, 2TB SSD + 32G RAM", "AVADO i7-432, 4TB SSD + 32G RAM", "AVADO i7-864, 8TB SSD + 64G RAM"

1 review for AVADO i7 Node

  1. Jaron king

    Easy setup, shipping is a little long but worth it.

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