Greatwolf Miner B3

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Greatwolf Miner B3 Specifications

Manufacturer:  狼神
Hashrate:  – 550mh/s
Release Date:  2020/08
Power Consumption:  1650 W
Algorithm: Etchash Ethash KawPow

Minable coins



3 reviews for Greatwolf Miner B3

  1. Loren McCormick

    Runs flawlessly. very simple to assemble I appreciate the quick arrival.
    FYI, There are two power connectors on the rear. I wasn’t sure if I required two cables, both to 220 volts, or if I needed two 110 volt cords added together to make 220 volts. It turns out that you actually DO need two 220v to generate 440v.

  2. Clara Mueller

    These Site are reliable, well-organized, and quick. placed an order for 2units of Greatwolf Miner B3 with free shipping, came in within a week. Highly advised.

  3. Ivan Platt

    Wonderful Greatwolf Miner B3! It hashes 25 dollars per day on the pool as of now (Aug 2nd, 2022), you can mine additional Scrypt currencies and perhaps earn more money depending on the pool you select! Hopefully the price of Ethereum will increase soon to make it more profitable; at over $3k per Ethereum, it will take less than 3 months to recoup my $1,200k investment (assuming $5/day in electricity costs). There are numerous mining calculators available where you can enter your electricity costs, mining difficulty, and pricing to determine how much you may earn. The machines are successful, but since bitmain was sold out for more than six months, I chose this one and have not been dissatisfied. It is quite easy.

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