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It would be ideal for you to be familiar with every step of the procedure before you begin joining IDOs at RichQUACK Launchpad. As a result, in this guide, we have covered everything for you!

getting QUACK tokens
It is possible to buy the $QUACK token on PancakeSwap, Hotbit,, ZT, Digifinex, Bitmart, Latoken, BKEX, MEXC, & LBANK, but we strongly advise against doing so.

You can manually add QUACK contract or click on the contract link below: 0xd74b782e05aa25c50e7330af541d46e18f36661c
To gain access to the IDO, stake QUACK
All users who want to take part in any IDO built on the QUACK platform must stake.

RichQUACK Launchpad

RichQUACK Launchpad, Detailed How to Guides information on taking part.
RichQUACK Launchpad

The “Levels” page contains the staking functionality. The user can view details about the current level, apy, total amount staked, and harvest on this page.
Once you have some QUACK, stake it by following these 3 easy steps:

View levels at
1. Plug in your wallet.
2. Choose a stake period. The prize increases with the length of the wager. Earn APRs of up to 28%.
3. Put in the quantity of QUACK you want to bet. To stake everything on your wallet, press Max. Click the “Approve” button to give your wallet permission.
4. When you click the Stake button, the user is given the proper APR for reward computation based on the lock period.

5. The staking term extends by 5 days from the time of registration in IDO if the extra criterion “Re-locks on registration” is present at the chosen staking period.
6. Both staking and unstaking have no expenses. Expired stake fees are the only costs.
7. The user has unlimited time to claim their award.

System for RichQUACK Launchpad Levels

According to RichQUACK’s level structure, you receive a higher allocation from the IDO the more QUACK you have.

A certain level also offers extra advantages like taking part in seed rounds and private rounds.

Based on how many QUACK you have bet on RichQUACK, there are nine different levels of pool IDO participation for the Moon Round Guaranteed Allocation model.

100B QUACK for Newbie (Level 1) — 0.5 Pool weight (15% Lottery)

500B QUACK for Boy Sminem (Level 2) — 1 Pool weight (35% Lottery)

2T QUACK for Enthusiast (Level 3) — 2.5 Pool weight (80% Lottery)

5.5T QUACK for Adventurer (Level 4) — 5.5 Pool weight(Guaranteed Allocation)

12T QUACK for Risk Taker (Level 5) — 12 Pool weight (Guaranteed Allocation)

19T QUACK for Maximalist (Level 6) — 19 Pool weight (Guaranteed Allocation)

26T QUACK for Quapitalist (Level 7) — 26 Pool weight (Guaranteed Allocation)

70T QUACK for Degen (Level 8) — 70 Pool weight (Guaranteed Allocation)

150T QUACK for Saint Bog (Level 9) — 150 Pool weight (Guaranteed Allocation)

Participant Eligibility for QUACK Public IDOs

The user must visit the IDO page and register in order to take part in IDO. Following the completion of the registration phase, each registered user’s share of the tokens they can acquire is calculated based on Pool Weight. Here is the formula for calculating pool weight.

System for Launchpad Levels

Three rounds of RichQUACK Public IDOs will be held:

1. Moon Round

IDO participant who has completed Levels 1–9 of the requirements. Launchpad Level System, read. Assurance of Allocation
Time: 2 hours. begins at the start time and date that the IDO’s author has chosen.
Maximum Hardcap Percentage: 100%.
Note: After the registration time expired, the lottery allocation allocation was calculated and displayed on the project page.
Congratulations, You Won Moon Round Allocation!
Your Allocation is equal to Your Pool Weight / Total Registered Pool Weight * Hardcap.

Three rounds of RichQUACK Public IDOs will be held:

2. Diamond Quack Round

Every IDO registered user has Levels 1 through 9 and a 30- to 90-day stake.
The round is divided into 4 equal intervals of 30m each, with the FCFS multiplier increasing by 0.3x, 0.9x, 2x, and 3x between each interval.
At the beginning of an FCFS round, you must reload the IDO page to see your updated allocation as soon as possible.
Duration: Commences at the time and date the IDO’s developer designates. is 2 hours long**.
Maximum Hardcap Percentage: 100% or whatever is remaining.
Your pool weight divided by the total weight of all registered pools plus the hardcap (what is left over from the moon round) equals your allotment.

There are a few easy tasks that QUACK holders should complete on the IDO day in order to participate. Check out these steps:

3. Paper Quack Round

First come, first served with the paper quiche. Regardless of registration or lottery status, all stakers are eligible to participate.
Starts two hours after the Diamond QUACK round has begun. until sold out or after two hours.
Maximum Hardcap Percentage: 100% or whatever is remaining.
10 percent of the total tokens were remained after the diamond round, at most.


In the event that the hardcap is met during the Moon QUACK cycle, the IDO finishes successfully and markets can be opened. If such is the case, there is no FCFS round. The necessary tokens (Moon QUACK) must be on the same blockchain as the IDO and be stored in the wallet you’ll use to connect to one. First-come, first-served rounds apply to Diamond Quack and Paper Quack.

The basic guideline is that the more $QUACK you have staked, the larger your allocation will be if you are unaware of how this works in practise.

If you are in the Moon Round or Diamond QUACK Round, this allotment multiplies. The most Moon Rounds are multiplied.

There are a few easy tasks that QUACK holders should complete on the IDO day in order to participate. Check out these steps:

  1. Please visit
  2. Use Metamask WalletConnect to link your wallet to the RichQUACK Dapp.
  3. Select the IDO initiative in which you want to invest.
  4. Check to see if you received a guaranteed or lottery allocation, then click the “Invest” button on the newly opened page.
  5. Enter your desired investment amount based on your maximum allocation, and press max if you use up your entire allocation. To confirm, click.
  1. You’ve finished the IDO purchase.
  2. You may either claim the tokens on the IDO project page or receive them via airdrop at the time of token listing.


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