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Spooky Shiba is revolutionising the DeFi ecosystem, with its innovative NFT Marketplace, Play2Earn scratchcard game, and first-holder evolution technology video game available for iOS and Android.

People now have the option to store money in a liquidity pool in exchange for tokens of decentralised contracts thanks to decentralised finance. Due to the rapid improvement of ecosystems, airdrops of governance tokens, and cryptocurrency knowledge, DeFi has experienced remarkable growth. The prospect of an independent, just, and free financial system that is not under the control of the state is at the heart of the decentralised finance concept. It’s a really appealing aspect of the space to let people construct their own interest rates and ecosystems.

What is Spooky Shiba?

The newest cryptocurrency on the market, Spooky Shiba, aims to establish itself as the first horror-themed token. Beware, Shiba Inu—you’re going to get scared!

Spooky Shiba, which was released on October 28th, 2021, became popular in the binance smart chain community. Many first opinions were that Spooky Shiba was a seasonal token that would disappear after Halloween because it was released around Halloween. They have repeatedly shown that this is not the case; in fact, it is precisely the reverse. The spooky season never ends, according to their motto. At the time this story was written, Spooky Shiba had almost 11,000 owners, and that figure is still rising.

The spooky marketing strategies of Spooky Shiba

The marketing strategies used by Spooky Shiba may be the reason investors are still investing in this emerging bitcoin niche. They unveiled a digital billboard commercial in Times Square, NYC, NY, during their first week of business. In less than a month after the token’s initial release date, CoinMarketCap became trending top ten due to the amount of attention this alone had given the project. Strange Shiba adverts have started to emerge on some well-known cryptocurrency websites.

increased traffic moving in their direction One of the more remarkable marketing initiatives, however, involved a collaboration with professional MMA fighter Patrick Lehane, who is contracted to Combate Global. This was the first time a cryptocurrency had ever collaborated with a professional MMA fighter. The SpookyShiba logo was visible on Patrick Lehane’s shorts by viewers at home watching live on Paramount+. After the fight, the Spooky Shiba creator met with Patrick Lehane and had a live AMA with the mixed martial artist before gifting him some SpookyShiba tokens.

The spooky marketing strategies of Spooky Shiba

Productivity and Usefulness

In order to attract new investors, Spooky Shiba constantly does more than only market itself and exploit the horror subgenre; they also offer useful services. Recently, a brand-new dApp NFT scratch card game that will be linked to their impending NFT marketplace was released on their website.

Holders can try to win an NFT one or three times every twenty-four hours by connecting their wallet. The NFT earnings of the winners will be given to them once the NFT marketplace has concluded. What distinguishes these NFTs from other NFTs, then?

Depending on how many and what kind of NFTs they own, owners of Spooky Shiba NFTs will receive a portion of every transactions made on the NFT market. Any kind of investor can now generate passive income in the form of BNB thanks to this.

However, this isn’t their only endeavour. In the near future, SpookyShiba intends to launch an Ethereum bridge, opening up the Spooky Shiba universe to Ethereum owners.

In terms of the Spooky Shiba realm, this will combine two vast ecologies into a single one. It’s safe to assume that Spooky Shiba is here to stay and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Release of Spooky Shiba

Release of Spooky Shiba

A digital billboard advertisement in Times Square, New York City, was released during the first week of this project’s debut. Within less than a month of its introduction, the attention it received helped the token reach the top ten on CoinMarketCap. Recently, Spooky Shiba adverts have started to appear on numerous well-known websites that discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and the scariest part is yet to come!

By collaborating with professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Patrick Lehane, SpookyShiba established itself as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry. He is a Spooky holder and has been spotted wearing the Spooky Shiba logo at occasions.

Why Do Spooky Shiba Exist?

These are just a few of the awesome characteristics that make Spooky Shiba, the horror currency, so popular. With all these eerie surprises in store for you around every bend, your heart rate might well raise, but it will be worth it! The Spooky Shiba token has demonstrated that it is a year-round phenomenon.

In reality, after its publication in October 2021, it started to take hold in the BSC world. After Halloween on October 31st, several people expected its value to decline, but the opposite actually occurred. The phrase “Spooky Season Never Ends” is not a misprint! Make no mistake: SpookyShiba is receiving attention from a lot of influential people in the cryptocurrency space.

Holder Evolution); Serious Utility; Special NFT Marketplace

What Distinguishes SpookyShiba?

Few businesses can say that they are doing more than just marketing and profiting from a genre, but Spooky Shiba has managed to accomplish so. Through a recently announced, future dApp NFT scratch card game that interacts with our NFT marketplace, we are delivering usefulness behind our brand.

An NFT from Spooky Shiba’s NFT marketplace can be won by using the dApp, a P2E (Play to Earn) technology that permits holders of at least $100 to play once every 24 hours. Some people are constantly looking for a chance to win the grand prize.

How do Spooky Shiba NFTs work?

There are 222 NFTs in total:
200 Common; 20 Rare; 2 Legendary
These are categorised as our special “Royalty NFTs” because each category of NFTs will receive a portion of sales made on our “Spooky Mints” Marketplace. That’s right, ALL purchases and sales made on our NFT Marketplace benefit these NFTs.

The other half of the NFTs can be won using our very own lottery system, the SpookyShiba Scratchcard Game*, while the first half of the NFTs will be auctioned off for investors. To play once every 24 hours, players must have at least $100 in SpookyShiba Tokens, and they must have $300 to play three times every 24 hours.
likelihood of winning:
Legendary: 1 in a million
Rare: 1/100,000
Frequently: 1/10 Other Small Prizes Included.
(For instance, merchandise / $5–100)

*Winners’ NFTs won’t be issued until all NFTs have been won. Until we update an automated way for checking, check what has been won using the main chat or staff.

The Rise of Spooky Shiba

A novel game platform called The Rise of Spooky Shiba will connect gaming with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The days of purchasing in-game items with no real-world worth will soon be a thing of the past. The first gaming platform, Spooky Shiba, will let you to purchase in-game items that will go on to have a future monetary value. Imagine owning a unique NFT that will also be a special character in the game with special skins and skills. These NFTs will be so high demand that someone would ruin your financial future just to get their hands on them.

First-ever Shiba Inu game (Holder Evolution); Serious Utility; Special NFT Marketplace

For a DeFi project to persist for a long time, utility creation is crucial. An future utility from Spooky Shiba will be their first Shiba inu video game. With the use of Holder Evolution technology, players can control the game’s and story’s outcome. Additionally, there are plans to link the game’s narrative to the NFT Marketplace. This is done by SpookyShiba through their scratch card game. Users that own at least $100 worth of their token can play the scratch card game once every day, and if they win, they will receive one of their limited NFTs.

Milestones for the DeFi Binance project Spooky Shiba

When Spooky Shiba was released on October 28th, 2021, it was the biggest release to date. Since March 2021, the developer Wrenn Taylor (also known as Lowgun Paul on Telegram) has worked with the Shiba inu and Shibaken Teams before transferring to Binance Smartchain. He has been preparing for a significant marketing effort with the video game that would tie together a narrative and eventually lead to the debut of the NFT marketplace.

Since its debut, the Spooky Shiba Scratchcard game has served as a link between their NFT Marketplace and the Spooky Shiba coins that are currently listed on the Binance Smart Chain. With a platform that will be interesting and rewarding, SpookyShiba is boosting user experience. It recently debuted on Coinsbit and offers bounty awards.

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