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In this Article we will be discussing the Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph and how profitable is the Bitcoin Farm Tarkov, The updated spreadsheet breaks down the investment costs of Bitcoin Farm to see when you’ll be making money. The up-to date information is invaluable for anyone who wants a better understanding about their potential profitability in this new cryptocurrency environment!

I’m using the Tarkov-markets website to get last 24 hour price estimates on all items, and prices will vary. That could have a large impact on long term profit especially with regards to fuel costs; however this also means that my short term predictions may change drastically depending upon what happens in world markets over time which is why I am making these assumptions conservatively by taking into account both high & low possibilities rather than just one extreme value like most people do when trying make forecasts.

Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph

Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph 2022 | How Profitable is Bitcoin Farm Tarkov?
Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph

Since I’m not entirely sure how many “points of fuel” (100 total) are used in a 24 hour period, it’s important that you take into account the value each point provides when breaking down your own calculations. This strategy will work if you start today with 0 graphics cards and then increase by 50 every day for one month. The best way to save money on these items is by finding them yourself, which I assume you never did when making your estimates. It is true that I have never really paid attention to how certain skills impact my bitcoin farming.

However, now you mention it – there might be a connection between these two topics! What do I need to include them in the calculation? The last thing I want to mention is how this document has sections color coded in dark red, which we’ll call ” Hypothetical / Not Possible”. With Bitcoin Farm Level 3, you can still mine without having the requirement to build solar panels.

Bitcoin Farm Calculator Tarkov

Entirely based on and thanks to: Hideout – The Official Escape from Tarkov Wiki

Made with less than three by Brad Chase and available on GitHub 



Roubles/hour for fuel: 7,059₽

Display roubles per 
GPUs time per 0.2 BTC roubles per hour (less fuel) pay-back-time in days (plus fuel)
1 24h10m 22,428₽ (15,369₽) 1.06 (1.39)
2 22h59m 23,576₽ (16,517₽) 2.01 (2.62)
3 21h55m 24,725₽ (17,666₽) 2.88 (3.70)
4 20h57m 25,874₽ (18,815₽) 3.67 (4.67)
5 20h3m 27,023₽ (19,964₽) 4.39 (5.54)
6 19h14m 28,172₽ (21,113₽) 5.06 (6.33)
7 18h29m 29,321₽ (22,262₽) 5.67 (7.04)
8 17h47m 30,470₽ (23,411₽) 6.24 (7.68)
9 17h9m 31,618₽ (24,559₽) 6.76 (8.27)
10 16h32m 32,767₽ (25,708₽) 7.25 (8.81)
11 15h59m 33,916₽ (26,857₽) 7.70 (9.31)
12 15h27m 35,065₽ (28,006₽) 8.13 (9.76)
13 14h58m 36,214₽ (29,155₽) 8.53 (10.19)
14 14h30m 37,363₽ (30,304₽) 8.90 (10.58)
15 14h4m 38,512₽ (31,453₽) 9.25 (10.95)
16 13h40m 39,661₽ (32,602₽) 9.58 (11.29)
17 13h17m 40,809₽ (33,750₽) 9.89 (11.60)
18 12h55m 41,958₽ (34,899₽) 10.19 (11.90)
19 12h34m 43,107₽ (36,048₽) 10.47 (12.18)
20 12h15m 44,256₽ (37,197₽) 10.73 (12.44)
21 11h56m 45,405₽ (38,346₽) 10.98 (12.69)
22 11h39m 46,554₽ (39,495₽) 11.22 (12.93)
23 11h22m 47,703₽ (40,644₽) 11.45 (13.15)
24 11h6m 48,851₽ (41,792₽) 11.67 (13.35)
25 10h50m 50,000₽ (42,941₽) 11.87 (13.55)
26 10h36m 51,149₽ (44,090₽) 12.07 (13.74)
27 10h22m 52,298₽ (45,239₽) 12.26 (13.92)
28 10h8m 53,447₽ (46,388₽) 12.44 (14.09)
29 9h56m 54,596₽ (47,537₽) 12.62 (14.25)
30 9h43m 55,745₽ (48,686₽) 12.78 (14.40)
31 9h32m 56,893₽ (49,834₽) 12.94 (14.55)
32 9h20m 58,042₽ (50,983₽) 13.09 (14.69)
33 9h9m 59,191₽ (52,132₽) 13.24 (14.82)
34 8h59m 60,340₽ (53,281₽) 13.38 (14.95)
35 8h49m 61,489₽ (54,430₽) 13.52 (15.07)
36 8h39m 62,638₽ (55,579₽) 13.65 (15.19)
37 8h30m 63,787₽ (56,728₽) 13.78 (15.30)
38 8h21m 64,936₽ (57,877₽) 13.90 (15.41)
39 8h12m 66,084₽ (59,025₽) 14.02 (15.51)
40 8h4m 67,233₽ (60,174₽) 14.13 (15.61)
41 7h56m 68,382₽ (61,323₽) 14.24 (15.71)
42 7h48m 69,531₽ (62,472₽) 14.35 (15.80)
43 7h40m 70,680₽ (63,621₽) 14.45 (15.89)
44 7h33m 71,829₽ (64,770₽) 14.55 (15.98)
45 7h26m 72,978₽ (65,919₽) 14.64 (16.06)
46 7h19m 74,126₽ (67,067₽) 14.74 (16.14)
47 7h12m 75,275₽ (68,216₽) 14.83 (16.22)
48 7h6m 76,424₽ (69,365₽) 14.92 (16.29)
49 6h59m 77,573₽ (70,514₽) 15.00 (16.37)
50 6h53m 78,722₽ (71,663₽) 15.08 (16.44)

Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph

Wondering if it’s worth investing into it at all and maybe if so how far should you go so let’s go over it the interesting thing about this module is there’s no yes or no answer across-the-board for everybody but instead the answer depends heavily on how often you play or at least how often you’re willing to login to reconcile your hideout simply put the bitcoin farm will continuously, Make bitcoin provided your generator is running and as long as you have at least one graphics card inside the farm.

Prices General fluctuate daily price at which you can sell your bitcoin the price of graphics cards the prices of the components you’ll need to build a farm at self and the cost of fuel to keep your generator running thanks for the Tarkov wiki we know that a bitcoin farm with exactly one graphics card can produce one coin about every 40.3 hours all the way down to one Bitcoin roughly every 13.4 hours with 50 graphics cards.

The Farm can hold 3 bitcoin and will immediately stop producing if you don’t log in to pick them up once at max capacity of the determining factor regarding how often you play or log into EFT versus how many graphics cards you should invest, at the time of this recording I’m able to sell bitcoin to therapist for about 416,000 rubles each but again prices fluctuate daily.

Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph 2022 | Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph

Escape from Tarkov Beginner’s Guide

The components to bitcoin farm would cost just around 600,000 rubles to purchase entirely from the flea market and graphics cards are selling for around 900,000 leaving us with a minimum cost of 1.5 million rubles to get it up and running but the cost of fuel considered using Yeagers fuel cans which sells for around 167,000 rubles each at loyalty level two, this will take you roughly 18 days and 20 hours to break even on your investment assuming your generator is running the entire time and that you login at least a few times somewhere within those 18 days to collect any bitcoin to prevent maxing out at three of three.

If you would go ahead and max out the level one bitcoin farm with 9 more graphics cards for a total of 10 total investment will be around 9.6 million rubles which would take a roughly 55 days to break even producing a bitcoin for you about every 29 hours in doing so you need to log into Tarkov at least once every three days to take advantage of this rate.

But if you Play more frequently and wanna dive further down the rabbit hole you can invest another 650K or so to level your bitcoin farm up to level two which will give you 15 more slots for graphics cards if you were to fill this slots to up to 25 your total investment with now be around 23.7 million rubles producing you a new bitcoin roughly every 20 hours taking you about 72 and half days to break even, again this assumes you don’t let your bitcoin fire max out at three bitcoin and that you keep fuel in your generator.

How Profitable is Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph?

How Profitable is Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph?

At 20 hours per bitcoin you would want to commit to login to Tarkov at least once every 2 to 2 and half days at this point let’s do the math on maxing out the bitcoin Farm all the way to 50 sluts 47 million rubles in total for all three levels of bitcoin farm +50 graphics cards at 900K each. you could find some of these rig yourself be an opportunity cost of 900 K used to not sell them on the fleas so with that in mind roughly 105 days or 3 1/2 months just a break even probably be maxed out on your farm giving you a new bitcoin every 13.4 hours meaning you’d want to log in to Tarkov basically every day and a half to collect.

So far has been assuming you don’t have solar power upgraded which has the power usage in your hide out cost roughly 14,000,000 in total to build what you do this if at all I will vary from player to player so it’s difficult to factor into your overall investment as we did with the levels of a bitcoin farm but if you’re buying fuel from Jager you’d be cutting your cost per bitcoin from a little over 92,000 rubles to about 46,000 rubles per bitcoin at max level bitcoin farm at 50 GPUs this in mind the earlier in the week you can get your Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Graph constructed the better for overall long-term return.

Prices of GPUs will be lower earlier in the week but the cost of the hideout upgrade components are significantly higher as player demand shifts if you feel yourself getting ahead of the curve earlier in the next week cycle consider stockpiling some graphics cards early to maximize potential long-term profit.


That said if you’re only going to log into Tarkov once a week you might just want to set up a bitcoin farm with one GPU and just let it ride maybe throwing in another graphics card in here or there if you happen to find them yourself.

if you play a few times a week a level 2 five graphics cards will fit nicely, But if you play constantly and think you’ll get it set up fast or if you’re just a completionist estimate want to maximize completely along with the solar power upgrade to learn more about EFT click one of these guys are just check out the rest of the articles 

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