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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to this new blog article. In today’s Article, I’m going to demonstrate how these bots codes ThunderMine crypto are currently defrauding the entire internet. Let’s get started by discussing what about this video appears to be incredibly fake, and after that, I’ll explain how wallet miners might function. If you really want to mine legally, you can do so with GPU or Asics Miners, and it might even be profitable if you actually purchase the profitable Miners.

Mining ThunderMine Crypto mining doesn’t work and sellers are con artists. I’m going to walk you through this article and explain how you can spot a scam so first of all, even with the first paragraph of this article, we can tell it’s a discord server where no one can write any text there is no main chat people can’t really talk about the ThunderMine Crypto Miner software.

ThunderMine Crypto

ThunderMine Crypto Miner Source Code | ThunderMine is a Scam
ThunderMine Crypto

It says “buy us through our website,” which is a complete scam. Then we have a ThunderMine Crypto Miner wallet beamer bot. Okay, so you create a ticket. Oh, ticket tool provides you with unique addresses. Please send the exact amount. Where is the amount? I don’t see an amount. But yeah, you have to send the exact amount.

Then you send the exact amount. The price of bitcoin fluctuates every second, so if you send ten dollars now, in the next second it might be nine dollars or something like 9.90 or something. But yeah, make sure to send the exact amount. This address is completely fake. Ticket tours will give the same addresses to everyone. They won’t generate unique addresses for everyone. How should this spot know that it’s you? The short answer is that they don’t. Therefore, they are acting unlawfully.

so let’s continue observing Okay, so let’s move on. We have a ThunderMine Crypto Miner wallet beamer, a python script that appears to be the chase and a fake text file that isn’t even the chase and it’s not a config, it’s just like it’s formatted how would the program read stuff out of this in some way and like will reduce lag. That button is a full phony bitcoin button, so yes, do you want to run in rapid mode. I don’t think it is even adhering to those values, such as not reading from that file, but let’s keep watching nevertheless. Enter your address here.


These don’t look like wallets, but yes, and I don’t believe that wallets look like this because if you go to the blockchain, let’s go there and simply click on transactions, let’s search for some transactions. Let’s take a look at this transaction in bitcoin right here: bc1 bc1. As you can see, these addresses all begin with a particular prefix, and this one does too. If you believe that the previous transaction was a lucky one, consider the next one. Bc1, Bc1, Bc1. You can see that those addresses begin with “pc1,” whereas this one begins with a number. Since it is now free, let’s take another one.

They claim to have found a hit, but I actually just obtained a blockchain and entered the public key exactly as shown. As you can see, however, this isn’t a wallet address, and judging by the length, it isn’t even the right length. It even says wallet withdrawn to it can’t withdraw and it is stating the fee in dollars, which is just plain stupid, and yet people are really signing up for this.

I see that ah sure he’s filming and getting a hit what are the chances of course yeah right wow now you’re rich seems really legit really legit and yeah i’m going to explain to you now how this could work how wallet mining could work and how our miner works. I don’t know most of the details, but there are about um a thousand members or something on their discord and real and people really believe this and this is beat crawl.

Crypto Wallet Brute ThunderMine

How Hours Operates Since Ours Uses This Technique We are essentially creating a wallet in the bitcoin world. If I give someone my public key, they can send money from my address. Likewise, if I give them my private key, they can do anything I can do with the wallet. If they have my public key, they can only send me money. What Our Software Does And How It Operates Because Ours Implements This Strategy

Every millisecond our time changes, and there has never been a time like this. As a result, there will always be a new wallet and never the same wallet. I mean, they might be the same at some point, but this is extremely uncommon. What our software does is take the public key, go to, paste the address here, and check to see if there is money on it.

Since our software only functions with base 58 keys, you will see that later. For now, let’s just run our software quickly. There it is, we’re going to enter our license. You can simply import the private key in any wallet like electron or exodus new funds or something similar, and yeah, then you have full access over the wallet as long as it’s uh, an I don’t know something with 58 I think base 58 or something.

Crypto Wallet Brute ThunderMine


Let’s examine what it actually does, shall we? We can see that all of those wallets begin with a one and the private key begin with a five most of the time and there are mostly the same length some of the um private or public keys have different lengths but mostly the same and you can see see it’s not that fast because each wall you can see right here has been checked on it’s doing that in the background and yeah let’s just um try to copy a wall.

Let’s actually search this wallet’s bitcoin address. You can see that it is a base 58, which is what I was referring to, and that it is an address with no bitcoin on it. If, however, this program finds a wallet with bitcoin on it, such as if there is one bitcoin or something, if there is a value right here, it will simply dump the private key because with this private key, we can perform all operations on this wallet, just like every wallet you are seeing on the internet.

Our software is currently only brute forcing base 58 wallets, but you can see that this is kind of valid because it has this prefix and here a prefix rather than just random numbers and scams like this. I guess this is okay for now because there are still a lot of those wallets out there that can be cracked, and they’re mostly not even active so it’s not that bad if you crack one.

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