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TopGoal is a blockchain-enabled, fully licenced digital collectibles brand based on TopGoal NFT Airdrop that focuses on the world’s most popular sport, football. In order to give fans the finest experience that NFT and digital games have to offer, it collaborates with renowned football players, clubs, and Binance, the world’s top cryptocurrency organisation.

TopGoal was founded by a group of seasoned professionals with deep backgrounds in both the blockchain and football industries. TopGoal’s goal is to give football fans throughout the world a genuinely new football experience by bringing together football fans, players, and clubs through the rise of NFT and blockchain technology.

TopGoal NFT Airdrop

TopGoal NFT Airdrop Event | How to Receive Your Rewards
TopGoal NFT Airdrop

Numerous football players, including Michael Owen, Guti, and Rivaldo, have already joined TopGoal and an announcement is forthcoming. The TopGoal team is now trying to increase the number of players for fans, but they are also creating a cutting-edge football game that will integrate blockchain-based GameFi technology and digital collectible football star cards. The company is also working with business partners to create new application scenarios, like DeFi, that may employ TopGoal’s digital assets in novel ways, such staking and mining.

TopGoal and CoinMarketCap’s 4th NFTs Airdrop Event Will Give Away $100,000 in TopGoal NFTs

Time: 15:00 UTC on July 19 through 15:00 UTC on August 7.

Please adhere to the guidelines below to win:


1 – Add TopGoal ($GOAL) to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap and follow TopGoal on Gravity.

2 – Add TopManager ($TMT) to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap and follow TopManager on Gravity.

3 – Follow TopGoal on Twitter by visiting
4 –  Sign up for the official TopGoal Discord server at
5 – Sign up for the TopGoal Telegram channel at
6  – Follow TopGoal on Medium by visiting
7 – Visit the TopGoal Instagram page at
8 – Like TopGoal’s page on Facebook at
9 – “TopGoal x CMC 4th Airdrop Event” Tweet (like and retweet): and use the hashtags #TopGoal #CoinMarketCap #BNBChain to tag at least three of your friends.
10- Use your TopGoal account and social network accounts to complete the activities on the Google Form:

For us to send you the TopGoal NFT Airdrop prize, you must complete out your TopGoal account.

TopGoal and CoinMarketCap's 4th NFTs Airdrop Event Will Give Away $100,000 in TopGoal NFTs

TopGoal NFT Airdrop Winner Announcement

The winners’ TopGoal accounts will be credited with 10,000 common-level Mystery boxes from TopGoal – Return of Legends S4. Unique lottery codes will be given to winners, which they can use to redeem TopGoal S4 common mystery boxes.

  1. Verify your inclusion in the TopGoal x CoinMarketCap 3rd NFTs Airdrop Event winner list:
  2. Verify the [email protected] email account’s inbox.
  3. Go to, the TopGoal website.
  4. Open your TopGoal account and log in.
  5. Click “REDEMPTION OR PROMOTION CODE” when positioned over the avatar.
  6. Type the redemption code, then select “EXCHANGE.”
  7. Select “PACKS” and then “COLLECTION.”
  8. Get your TopGoal NFT game card by clicking “OPEN” on step eight.
TopGoal NFT Airdrop Winner Announcement

How to Find and Use TopGoal NFTs for Winners

Where to look in your wallet for TopGoal NFTs
If you haven’t already, open your MetaMask wallet and link it to the Binance Smart Chain.
Click [Network] after selecting [Settings].

Enter the Binance Smart Chain information.

Smart Chain is the name of the network.

Chain ID: 56 – Symbol: BNB – Block Explorer URL: Blockchain Explorer for Binance (BNB)
For a detailed explanation, consult this article:
Binance Smart Chain and MetaMask Integration | Binance Academy

To access your NFT library, click [NFTs] after opening your MetaMask Wallet.
Please be aware that Metamask is not currently accepting multi-edition NFTs, only unique NFTs (ERC-721) (ERC-1155).

Click [Import NFTs] after that. You’ll be taken to the page where you can import NFT. On Google Spreadsheet at, TopGoal will disclose with you the contract address of your NFT and the token ID. Put your NFT’s address and token ID in the appropriate boxes. To add the NFT to your wallet, click [Import].

After that, it will appear in your NFT library.

How to Find and Use TopGoal NFTs for Winners

How to Add NFTs to the TopGoal Website

Log into your account at TopGoal. Avatar Icon — [MY WALLET] click.

Under NFT cards, click [DEPOSIT].

Obtain your BSC account address for TopGoal.
Notification: Depositing any assets other than TopGoal NFT to the address is prohibited. The address will not be used to reclaim any further assets that are deposited there.
It takes 15 network confirmations to use the address.

From your wallet, send TopGoal NFTs.
This illustration uses the MetaMask wallet.
Select [NFTs] from your wallet, then click the TopGoal NFT picture. Next, select [Send].

Follow the steps after entering your TopGoal account BSC address.

Log into your account at TopGoal. Select [CARDS] under [COLLECTION]. The new TopGoal NFT card that you just transferred from your wallet will then appear.

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