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In this Article we will discuss Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs, Wattum is a United States-based company that specializes in crypto mining equipment and solutions. The business offers an extensive range of products, including ASIC Miners for those looking to mine cryptocurrency with extreme efficiency or mobile industrial containers perfect if you want your own farm on wheels!

They also provide power transformers necessary when running multiple machines at once—including their full hostings plans which allow them manage all aspects from setting up new farms right down providing 24/7 customer service -all while staying corporate transparent throughout this process
Wattums mission statement: “to be trusted source accessible resources information”

Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs

The Wattum Bitcoin Mining Advisory program has been designed to help investors and tycoons navigate the complexities of today’s market environment. The company will be contacting a wide range – including those who have not yet heard about these new opportunities- so they can take appropriate action before it is too late!

Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs | Who is Wattum?
Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs

How Wattum Bitcoin Mining Equipment hold its value?

The profitability of the Bitmain S9 miner is clear to see, with prices dropping by 50% over just two years. It sold for $700 in 2017 and this can be attributed largely due its own success as an investment opportunity within a multilayer market – but it’s also not forgetting about all those other factors such price drops or increased production rates which have lead up until now!

As an investor, you can get your Bitcoin at a 50-70% discount from today’s price and put money back into the economy by reselling it later. You may also depreciate equipment purchased in one year for tax savings on its subsequent sale – this applies even if they were bought using cryptocurrency! Investing in bitcoin mining equipment is a smart decision that will not only save you money but also give back to yourself.

With Bitcoin equipment servers producing new coins every day, their use value is maintained in a market that continues to thrive. Buying mining rigs provides you with two options: either sell it and profit from its resale value or continue using them for mining Bitcoins until they pay off your investment – this way all of those hours spent on programming will not go unheard!


Bitcoins are a form of digital currency that can be used to make transactions without involving banks or third parties like PayPal. This means you never have worry about your funds being taken away from under you, as they’re yours! You may want use Bitcoin for colocation services at one company’s data center so it doesn’t interfere with another project and then host the mined coins on their network when mining becomes less profitable than buying them off an exchange–this gives full control over Private keys which allow users ultimate security in regards t handling its value online since there isn’t any centralised server keeping track (and if anything happens).

The business can take advantage of a 100% depreciation deduction in the current year, which is supported by IRS guidance on first-year bonus treatments. This applies to depreciable assets with recovery periods under 20 years and will be applied accordingly for tax purposes when filing next season’s return In order not lose out financially due these new regulations. Bitcoin servers are not any different from the standard computers found in data centers and can be used to host bitcoins. The deduction applies to equipment put into use between September 27th this year and January 1st next, ideally overlapping the current boom in crypto- industry.

How large commitment can Wattum structure sustain?

Purchase a Wattum Mobile Mining Container

These containers are the perfect way to start your own crypto-centric mining operation, with up 360 devices running at full capacity! They come equipped as a 40 ft marine container that can be purchased by businesses or individuals looking for an investment opportunity in cryptocurrency. You’ll even get free access on wattum’s power grid so you never have any worries about being self sufficient when it comes time.

Wattum mining containers are an efficient, cost-effective way to set up your own Bitcoin mine. They have low operating costs and can be deployed quickly so you won’t spend a fortune on electricity bills or property rental fees! The best thing is that it’s easy as pie – just fill out our form with all of the information we need from yourself (including contact details) then wait for Wattums team either send one their self via post/parcel shipping service or pick up location where needed themselves at any time within reason(s).

Buying Bitcoin mining equipment is a great way to invest in cryptocurrency, as it has been seen that over time these miners will mine Bitcoins at rates close or below 50% of what they would normally sell them for. Bitcoin is a hot commodity these days. The value of one bitcoin has skyrocketed over 3 years, from $1K to nearly $5,500! To put that into perspective; if you bought bitcoins at the start and then mined them with your own computer/GPUs (or even just joined as an investor), by now YOU would be making around 40 grand per coin- hardly bad considering how much harder mining gets every day thanks largely due companies like Bitmain who produce ASIC machines designed specifically for crypto currency cracking algorithms.

Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs Advisory

The Wattle Bitcoin mining advisory consists of industry experts, our valued advisors who are dedicated to helping you understand your options and will answer any questions that arise about bitcoin production or colocation. They can also help design an actionable structure for those projects!

Wattum Bitcoin Mining Advisors will help you:

  1. Prepare a Return on Investment (ROI) document for your equipment purchase
  2. Register legal entities in the United States and/or in another Bitcoin-friendly country
  3. Purchase mining equipment alongside hosting and management services that work best for you
  4. Connect you with a CPA Certified Public Accountant to guide you through options for depreciating your full purchase
  5. Begin mining Bitcoin and schedule it for release according to your preferred timeline through registered mining pools
  6. Schedule the resale of your mining equipment to acquire new equipment while generating additional profits for you
  7. Sign up for a compound interest account with companies that offer such a service

Should you choose to make a larger investment, our Advisors will help you:

  1. Acquire real estate in order to construct and design your own Bitcoin colocation center. Colocation centers are a real estate asset that may be used for either your own equipment, or for generating additional profits by hosting external miners who wish to host their equipment at your facility; owning such assets gives you the option to sell at any time
  2. Wattum will provide you with management services at this facility to ensure maximum efficiency
  3. Our management team will cover both your equipment as well as additional customer equipment from external parties that use your colocation center, creating a profitable and self-sufficient investment for all vendors involved.

How to Build Colocation Facilities in Opportunity Zones

Investing in Opportunity Zones is a great way to invest your money and help the economy. You can also enjoy lucrative tax benefits by investing into these investment opportunities for colocation facilities, which offer additional savings on federal income taxes as well! The purpose of Opportunity Zones is to drive economic growth in low-income communities while simultaneously providing investors with significant tax benefits. Wattum Consultants can help you locate these opportunities based on your specific needs and specifications, so contact them today!

Created under the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, these opportunities reach farther than just your typical 50 states to include District Of Columbia AND five territories- including Guam! Investing in these zones is made possible by investing into Qualified Opportunity Funds, which allow you to support economic growth and independence of American communities while temporarily deferring tax on eligible gains.

Gain from the sale of Opportunity Zone real estate is tax free, as it’s considered capital gain and qualified 1231 property. The eligible gains include both taxed at lower rates for federal income taxes before January 1st 2027; such as selling your home or office building after three years in an area designated by Uncle Sam – called “Opportunity Zones.” The best part? You don’t have pay any additional billions worth because these properties are already exempt from all kinds pays !

Should you decide to invest your gains from the sale of a well-priced residential property in an industrial co-location space, then there is potential for tax deferral. There is a great opportunity to invest in New Jersey and buy property that will be soon profitable due its recent change from having no tax on capital gains.


How large commitment can Wattum structure sustain?

Wattum’s Buildout Division offers services for those looking to power thousands of mining rigs. The company’s colocation facility can be created with an investment from $1-$5 million dollars, depending on your needs and requirements! If you had bought Bitcoin when it was worth less than $4k, your investment would beworth over 100x today. 

That may not seem as impressive considering the current price of nearly $40 thousand per coin but let’s say that happens in 3 years from now! With 5 TH/s (terrahash) mining rigs producing 64 bitcoins monthly on average at this rate – 2304 within 3 yrs–you could quadrupleyour money just by waiting for things to go up again before selling off any stocks or bonds.

The key to success in the Bitcoin world is having access and control of bulky hardware that produce Bitcoins. This can create an opportunity for individuals or groups who want their own pools, which are registered anywhere around world as legal entities with rights accorded by law like any other company would have them be – but without having all those pesky taxes attached

The possibilities are scarce with genesis Bitcoin production. More importantly, regulations today legally allow for such structures to be formed and innovative opportunities like this one in which we could find lucrative rewards beyond imagination

A New Opportunity for Flexible and Secure Investments

Imagine having your very own Bitcoin bank! When you invest in a cryptocurrency fund, it is possible to receive payments and withdrawals from the underlying assets. This multilayer consultation includes all of these features – not just mining equipment but also depreciating depreciation on that hardware as well 3-8% interest compounds each month based off what we mined before too long have been awarded back into our accounts so keep watching this space.

Companies such as Circle, BlockFi and Gemini offer a service that allows you to have your assets underwritten by them. This means they’ll take care of banking for all those digital coins in case something happens; it also gives access with policies up against $250K worth per customer!

BlockFi has raised nearly half a billion dollars in funding from investors, and it’s about to open up again. With Gemini regulated by a Money Service Business (MSB) licence, they are able to provide financial services in 32 states across the country. Circle after raising $440 million is reported planning on making their move into public ownership via an SPAC deal with Concord Acquisition Corp., which would make it one of two cryptocurrency companies currently trading stocks-Coinbase being another example earlier this year when they went public at queried prices during Q4 2018 earnings calls.

There are certain individuals who have the money to invest in public companies and go Along with them when they take off. One such entrepreneur is seen by many as a leader within his industry, Riot Blockchain (RIOT). This company was known previously under its subsidiary name Leeta Gold Corp., but now operates largely without any physical assets other than those owned internally – providing an example for others looking towards success through innovation rather than reliance on Past Performance.


Having raised $100 million between April 2018-September 2019; this startup promises future investors that there’s no limiter except creativity! The company has expanded its scope with recent announcements of their approval to list common shares on NASDAQ, demonstrating the growth potential for such commitments. Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs Advisors can offer assistance in the process of going public, with resources such as bookkeeping and CPA services for preparation purposes.

Afterward they will be able to provide an audit on your GAAP financials which is necessary if you want this new venture publicly traded A few days ago I got contacted by someone who wanted some help getting their company up-and running so that it could begin trading soon after its IPO date – here’s what happened when we met! We’re here to help you raise money! Our advisors can also connect with lawyers and agents who are willing take on your case in order pitch them directly or provide advice about how best prepare professional pitch decks for investors.

We’ll walk through all of the accounting processes involved so that auditing financials won’t be a problem, outline what type contracts would work well based off their needs – whether they need an yearly retainer plus expenses incurred while working together (a consulting agreement) or just some guidance every now again during times when things get tough–Wattum Bitcoin Mining Rigs got it covered We can further assist you in connecting with reputable investment brokers who are capable of sourcing active investors and consultants that have experience going public on NASDAQ or OTCBB.

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