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The ZOO token on ZooKeeper can be used in a variety of ways, including farming (The Zoo), staking for NFTs (The Expedition), crafting stronger NFTs, and exchanging NFTs (The Market).

In order to provide liquidity for the ZooEcosystem, ZooKeeper was developed. It is a cutting-edge dApp that increases liquidity mining through the usage of ZooNFTs. Users have access to these NFTs, which, in addition to their inherent trading opportunities, offer a practical use case: improving LP farming.

ZOO token

ZOO token Joins The Multi-chain | ZooGames Protocol V1
ZOO token

ZooEcosystem is a multi-chain, multi-community ecosystem that focuses on blockchain gaming.

It offers: Multi-chain access, allowing users to farm ZOO token and trade ZooNFTs across many networks (now Avalanche and Wanchain, but more are coming);

the ability to exchange NFTs on an NFT marketplace, such as OpenZoo, and other services;

Multi-chain gaming lets you access ZooGames from any chain that is open and play entertaining games.

ZOO token (ZOO): What Is It?

In addition to a wrapped version (vZOO) used for cross chain, Zookeeper has its own utility ZOO token that is given out to DEX Liquidity Providers (LPs) as farming rewards.

An unique multi-chain dApp called ZooKeeper leverages ZOONFTs to increase liquidity mining and is presently accessible on Avalanche and Wanchain. In order to provide liquidity for the ZooEcosystem, ZooKeeper was developed. It provides you with a fresh and engaging farming experience, enabling you to enjoy better mining payouts and more varied and captivating NFT gaming.

The ZooKeeper Team is made up of skilled developers, seasoned blockchain users, and crypto enthusiasts who are well-known in specific groups. Avalanche, Trader Joe, Pangolin, Wanchain, and WanSwap are some of the current partners.

The entire supply of ZOO is variable since ZooKeeper uses a dynamic market cap technique. Without pre-mining or presales of the token, ZOO token are being mined at a rate of 10 every block. The exact market capitalization depends on the NFT boost % and the lockup periods for users staking ZOO. ZOO will therefore have a minimum total supply of 155 million and a maximum total supply of 393 million, both of which will not be known until all of ZOO has been mined.

ZOO token (ZOO): What Is It?

The following is the token distribution:

77 percent are set aside for agriculture.
9 percent are retained for the foundation, 8% are allocated to marketing, and 3% are allocated to advisers.
3 percent will be utilised to buy wanTokens that the public votes on.

ZooKeeper is based on Wanchain, an Ethereum fork. Wanchain employs a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism in place of Ethereum, with the network’s validation nodes being split into vouchers, storemen, and validators. Cross-chain transactions are verified by vouchers, locked accounts are managed by storemen, and routine verifications are carried out by validators.

The v ZOO Token on Multi-chain

The v ZOO Token on Multi-chain

Since they joined forces with YGGDRAZIL, ZOO token has experienced a sharp rise in demand and potential adoption. Blockchain gaming is an untapped market, and ZooKeeper wants to seize a strong leadership position there. We see the need to spread the use of ZOO beyond a relatively untapped gem Wanchain, and onto numerous chains, to make it easier for our users to access this new market.
MULTI-CHAIN will be our upcoming phase.

When putting into practise our multi chain development, there are three key goals to achieve:

Deploy ZooKeeper and its ecosystem over a number of chains to make ZOO token and its features accessible to as many users as possible;
Use a bridge to allow NFT interconnectivity between these chains;
Make use of Wanchain’s decentralised bridge to create a wrapped cross-chain token called the “vZOO” (or Virtual ZOO) to link all ZooKeeper ecosystems spread across several chains.

The group is already looking into and negotiating collaborations with a number of other chains. A collaboration with an AMM DEX is preferred in order to ensure quick visibility within the community of the new chain.

Cross-Chain ZOONFT

It is certainly feasible to deploy our existing ZooKeeper and ZOO token outside of Wanchain, but the following factors must be taken into account:

Each new chain will have a 24-month vesting period. This will enable the ZooKeeper Team to maintain a healthy control over the rate of distribution and manage the inflation of the ZOO Token.

The ZOO deployed to a new chain will have a predetermined supply (excluding OTT). There will be careful attention given to the risks and rewards of growing supply, although this should not exceed 60 million (excluding OTT) each chain.

Regardless of whether they support dual farming, all pools will be in ZOO, and liquidity will be pre-minted to make farming possible right away.

Gold chest pricing on ZooKeeper are dynamically determined based on user activity and control the game’s economy by achieving a balance between supply and demand.

All gold chest pricing will be autonomous from each chain to improve this functionality and enable users to cross-chain their ZOO token from Chain 01 to Chain 02 to take advantage of a favourable dynamic in chest prices.

A gold chest will cost less when a new chain is introduced compared to the Wanchain market pricing.

On the new chains, Play2Earn gaming pools and possibilities will be established.

Cross-Chain ZOONFT

In order to take full use of interoperability, ZooKeeper will set up a simple bridge that will let users move their ZooNFTs between all linked chains. Transfers of ZooBoosters, ZooElixirs, and Keepsakes will be possible through our bridge.
For owners of ZooNFT, this creates a completely new market as more markets become accessible and trading opportunities increase across several chains.

Consider the potential to create an NFT on the Wanchain and use it on Polkadot, Arbitrum, or maybe Ethereum someday.
Except for transaction fees imposed by each chain, the bridge will be free to use, and ZooKeeper will be in responsible of its setup and upkeep.

Zoo Vault Crosschain Swap

Zoo Vault Crosschain Swap

The maximum ZOO supply per chain (excluding OTT) will never be altered for security reasons. The farming contract is the only one that has the ability to mint ZOO, and it is prohibited from doing so by the regulations that govern it. ZOO is therefore fundamentally incompatible with other chains. We will use vZOO, which is a wrapped ZOO Token, to get around this problem and enable the development of multichain dApps and games.

The sole function of the vZOO, a pre-issued WRC20 token, is to allow ZOO to be collateralized in order to be cross-chain interoperable. All users will be able to instantaneously swap their ZOO for vZOO and vice versa thanks to the creation of vaults on each chain; Its value will be initially placed in the vZOO Vault as pegged 1:1 with the ZOO;

The “vZOO” (or Virtual ZOO)

The initial vZOO supply in each chain’s vault will be equal to the total initial ZOO liquidity issued on that chain (for example, if 60M ZOO have been allocated as initial supply then the vZOO vault will contain 60M vZOO). As a result, there will never be a liquidity crunch during a ZOO–vZOO transaction. Only ZOO that has been locked up in a vault will produce cross-chainable vZOO.

We will use Wanchain’s decentralised cross-chain bridges to make vZOO function. A collection of Storeman nodes, which are in charge of carrying out and confirming cross-chain transactions, power these bridges. The Storeman Groups collaborate to construct a locked account that contains the user’s original asset when a user starts a cross-chain transaction. The Storeman Groups then create a new asset on the destination chain that is pegged exactly to the original asset.

These enable the quick, simple, and highly secure transfer of assets like vZOO.

In conclusion, the vZOO utility coin will be supported by all upcoming multichain dApps created by the ZooKeeper and Yggdrazil teams.

For instance, as a game where Wanchain users will face off against Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche users… both at once!

Real cross-chain, multi-chain gaming using a decentralised vZOO in a 100% secure setting. All of information is presented in a simple, user-friendly way.

ZooGames Protocol V1

ZooGames Protocol V1

For the millions of gamers and blockchain fans throughout the world, ZooGames is the project that offers the solution to all the issues described earlier.

In order to enable users to communicate, share, trade, and play on a platform without regard to their community of origin for infinite amusement, ZooGames has set out to create a truly unifying gaming and social experience.

Connect any wallet, select a game, begin playing, and get prizes. Simple.

The protocol used by ZooGames is incredibly ground-breaking in the blockchain industry and offers all the components required for both gamers and developers to securely participate in the gaming ecosystem.

Imagine having access to a completely decentralised and safe protocol that allows you to play with NO gas fees and makes all of your NFTs available on the same gaming platform, across all marketplaces and from all various chains.

ZooGames APIs

The protocol for ZooGames, a cutting-edge multi-chain gaming platform, was created as a component of the ZooEcosystem (for more info, please visit Zoo.One). It provides users with unrivalled blockchain technology so they can interact, play, and earn.

ALL EVM networks are compatible with the ZooGames protocol. As a result, players can select the network and addresses they want to utilise (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Wanchain, etc). While secondary address(es) are used to interconnect all of the user’s owned NFTs, the primary address is utilised to establish a connection and log in to the platform. It should be noted that you can create as many secondary addresses as necessary.

Once connected, the protocol immediately generates a “mirror address” used for gaming. A mirror address is a replica address made on the Wanchain network that stores user data from the primary address (and secondary address, if one is established) and enables game play.

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